Kimberly Stone Evans '99 Jumping with Joy Over New Baby

Kim writes: "On April 3 David and I were blessed with the arrival of a healthy, happy baby boy: David John “Duke” Evans VI.  Our growing family is overjoyed, tired, and looking forward to a bright, beautiful future together.

A note about the name: David John Evans the sixth has a name long in the making, and we have been scouring the earth for a nickname that would reduce complications in nomenclature.  In the remotest place we have even been, deep in Nepal’s Upper Mustang, we learned that “Dhuk” means “six” in the minor Tibetan dialect of Loke.  Having discovered a word for 6 that is easily anglicized and resonant with the nigh-royal suffixes the David John Evans lineage has attained, we are pleased to give our child the cognomen 'Duke.'"


Erica Shannon '06 Pursues PhD in Mathematics 

Erica just completed her fourth year of a six year PhD program in Mathematics at CU Boulder. This year, in addition to her studies she served as lead TA and led various workshops on pedagogy and teaching effectiveness for fellow graduate TAs.  She was awarded a Thron Fellowship for this summer which will allow her to pursue her research on representation theory of Lie algebras. Named for Wolfgang J. Thron (1918-2001), a venerated professor at CU Boulder, the Thron Fellowship is the Mathematics Department's most prestigious summer research fellowship, and is awarded to two top graduate students in their third or fourth year.

Erica and her fiancé Josh are finding time to enjoy hiking and exploring the Boulder area and the mountains of Colorado.


Look Who Stopped By

Juliette (Tanner) Wade '88 stopped by campus on a recent visit to our area. She continues her career as a Science Fiction and Fantasy writer and recently had her story, “Suteta Mono de wa Nai [Not Easily Thrown Away]” published in Clarkesworld, a leading online magazine. The story is set in Japan and draws upon her experiences there after college.  Next month her futurist political intrigue story, “Mind Locker” will appear in Analog magazine, a print publication that dates from the 1930s and has published works by some of the genre’s greats like Isaac Asimov, Spider Robinson, and Michael Burstein. This is Juliette’s fifth story in the publication, making her somewhat of a regular. In addition to her stories, Juliette has written two novels that she is shopping.  As her two children edge closer to high-school age, Juliette finds herself dreaming of a scenario that would allow them to also attend York!




Courtney (Clark) Lee '02 and Hans Lee '01 Expand Family

From Carmel, Hans and Courtney recently reported news of their newest family member: "Charlotte Rose Lee was born at home on February 27th at 4:34 a.m. Her sister Emmaline is thrilled and spends most of her time doting on her little sister and trying to share toys with her. We are all recovering well!"


Class of '78 Classmates Reconnect 

Toby Morris '78 looked up classmate Tim Hendrix '78 on  a recent trip to Salem, Oregon. Toby writes:

"Tim and I had a great reacquaintance after 30 years. We spent the afternoon wandering around Willamette University and discussing family, past, careers, life outlook. Funny how you can carry a friendship in your heart for so many years and pick up as if you had been away for the weekend. It was the highlight of my trip to the Northwest."