Falcon Athletics

Our Athletic Program is designed with excellence in mind, which means playing sports and practicing good sportsmanship. We want our students to participate, so instead of try-outs and cuts, we focus on helping students increase their skills and ability. If you want to try a new sport, you’re on the team. If you commit to the sport, you’ll make a difference. 
The main goal of York athletics is to be active in something you enjoy. Some students team up, while others prefer to participate in Health & Fitness activities like fencing, strength training, yoga, walking, running, or dance, plus more. If your favorite activity occurs off campus – martial arts, equestrian events, ballet, club sports – you can arrange for Independent Activity. Strength in mind and body is part of the York culture and commitment to excellence. Brains work better when muscles get a workout too.

Health & Fitness

Team sports may not be your thing, and that’s okay. We still want you to be active – it’s a good strategy for a lifetime of being fit and connecting with people who like to do similar things. Health & Fitness (H&F for short) happens two days a week from 3:00-3:45 p.m. and includes offerings such as:

Mountain Biking
Outdoor Basketball
Ultimate Frisbee

Independent Activities

Are you working on your black belt? Take ballet lessons four times a week? Live and breath to play tennis or soccer all year? Our Independent Activity program lets you pursue your passion and use that activity to fulfill your Health & Fitness requirement.

Club soccer
Club swimming
Martial Arts
Rock climbing
Weight training

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