The Atwood Challenge was announced to the York Community on November 18, 2021 in response to a generous gift from Dr. William B. Atwood, a close friend of York and a lifelong scientist and educator. The Atwood Challenge calls on our alumni to join him in raising a total of $120,000 for tuition assistance funding this year, the amount that would cover three students on full scholarships or five students on the average scholarship awarded at York. Dr. Atwood has already gotten us started with a gift of $25,000.
Dr. Atwood’s own life was changed as a result of a full tuition scholarship to an independent school when he was a boy. Will you join him in doing the same for three–maybe even five–students at York?
2,000 Alumni = 3-5 Students. Are you in?
Join the Atwood Challenge and make your gift today! As the chart below demonstrates, gifts at every level are vital to the success of this initiative–and leadership gifts are essential if we are to meet our goal. Please consider whether you could increase your giving this year to become a leader.

The Atwood Challenge is part of a $1,000,000 gift to York School from Dr. Atwood. The majority of this gift is to establish The Atwood Family Endowment, which is designated for tuition assistance. Another portion is designated for “STEAMships,” small annual grants to fund independent and faculty-advised student projects that fall under the category of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). As a distinguished physicist who is also a violin maker, Dr. Atwood fully supports and encourages developing students’ capacities at the intersection of the arts and sciences.

Thank you for joining us in this transformational moment for York School, and in the life of a student, one alumni gift at a time.

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