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2018-19 Semester One Exams: Schedule and Preparation
Posted 11/20/2018 01:56PM

Semester One Exams

Thursday, December 6 - Wednesday, December 12

View the draft 2018-19 Semester One Exam Schedule here. Please check back closer to exams for the final schedule. Students are only required to be on campus when they have exams

Morning exams start at 9:00 a.m. This start time provides a supportive testing schedule for those students who need a little extra time in the morning to rest, wake up, commute, or study. Afternoon exams start at 1:00 pm. A one hour lunch break occurs between exams. Students should bring a lunch or snacks.

All exams are scheduled for three hours. Students should plan to sit an exam for at least two hours before being excused. When not testing, students should keep to designated study areas and remain quiet and respectful of those students who are testing.

Have a testing conflict? Check in with your teacher/s or speak with Mr. Raymond to arrange an alternate testing time.

Do you require testing accommodations? Be sure to speak with your teachers about your approved accommodations and check in with Mrs. Moneypenny to confirm.

Exam Preparation

Exam Review Days
Monday, December 3 GX and Tuesday, December 4 AX

York intentionally designs review days to ensure the following:
1. Students have a meeting time each review day for every class
2. H&F is scheduled to provide time to foster healthy habits of mind, heart, and body
3. Tutorial is scheduled to ensure students can meet with a teacher/s for extra preparation 

Period 1 - 8:30-9:10
Period 2 - 9:15-9:55
Class Meetings - 10:00-10:15
Period 3 - 10:20-11:00
Period 4 - 11:05-11:45
Lunch - 11:45-12:25
Period 5 - 12:25-1:05
Period 6 - 1:10-1:50
Work Jobs - 1:55-2:05
Period X - 2:05-2:45 (class that meets F Day period 3)
H&F - 2:50-3:30

Period 1 - 8:30-9:10
Period 2 - 9:15-9:55
Break - 10:00-10:15
Period 3 - 10:20-11:00
Period 4 - 11:05-11:45
Lunch - 11:45-12:25
Period 5 - 12:25-1:05
Period 6 - 1:10-1:50
Work Jobs - 1:55-2:05
Period X - 2:05-2:45 (class that meets G Day period 3)
H&F - 2:50-3:30

Reading Day
Wednesday, December 5 - Late Start BX Day

Classes will not meet on the Wednesday, December 6 reading day. Attendance for grades 8 and 9 is recommended. Students in grades 10-12 have the option of staying home to study, or coming to campus for a late start BX schedule - classes will not be held, but teachers will be available during the assigned BX class periods for tutorial on that subject. If students in grades 10-12 choose to come to campus for all or part of the day, they are REQUIRED to sign in and sign out in the Main Office so we know who is and is not on campus. 

All classes are optional and will be tutorials
Period 1 - 9:30-10:10
Period 2 - 10:15-10:55
Passing Period - 10:55-11:05
Period 3 - 11:05-11:45
Lunch - 11:45-12:30
Period 4 - 12:30-1:10
Period 5 - 1:15-1:55
Passing Period-1:55-2:10
Period 6 - 2:10-2:50
Period X - 2:55-3:30 (class that meets A Day period 3)

Study Tips

Study tips, guidelines, and effective learning techniques can be found here 

Feeling a little anxious or stressed?

We're here to help. Whether you need tutoring, a study buddy, a comforting voice, or help designing a study plan, check in with a teacher, a dean, or Mrs. Moneypenny.


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