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2018-19 End of Year Honor Roll
Posted 06/14/2019 01:50PM

Bravo to those students on the 2018-19 End of Year Honor Roll!

High Honors and Honors at York School are granted on the basis of sincere and consistent application to the subjects studied, as reflected both by teachers’ comments and by grades. High Honors are awarded to students taking five or more courses with only one grade below an “A-”, and that grade no lower than a “B.” Honors are awarded to those students taking five or more unrepeated courses with no grade lower than a “B.” 


12th Grade: Max Burke, Katie Calciano, Maegan Capistrano, Sophia Davies, Kevin Kang, Tristen Laney, Cynthia Lee, Lexseal Lin, Arjun Mayur, Sophie Rasmussen, Donald Ratcliff, Cynthia Rong, Adam Shapiro, Alex Shi, Tom Siletto, Sammy Smock, Sophia Taylor-Home, Kaya Von Berg, Katie Whilden, Kathryn Yeager

11th Grade: Josefina Camacho, Hayden Concepcion-Deyo, Henriette Diouf, Vivian Fei, Matthew Galloway, Edwin Gao, Francis Geng, Jordan Goodwin, Sooyeon Kim, Alex Lin, Tom Liu, Matteo Lorenz, Tobey Malone, Albert Matei, Nathan Nguyen, Annabelle Norman, Alexa Ortiz, Luke Rosenblum, Sophia Sanico, Rohan Sethi, Luke Song, Vianne Storrs, Daisy Swanson, Annushka Veliko-Shapko, Samuel Wisner, Stone Yang, Jonathan Zhao, Andy Zhou, Guanjia Zhu

10th Grade: Jasmine Agha, Issac Chen, Jordan Chiantelli-Mosebach, Winston Chu, Leonardo Del Toro, Gabriel Gargiulo, Courtney Hand, Ryo Ishiguro, Mahonna Keech, David Lin, Seth Madden, Cynthia Ortiz-Naranjo, Abigail Romero, Gabrielle Schmidt, Alana Shapiro, Danica Tang

9th Grade: Amanda Boyce, Frank Chen, Shelly Chen, Daniel Cheng, Sydney Choi, Casey Cortez, Tyler Dwelle, Heather Galinato, Kevin Li, Zibby Lindholm, Camilla Martin, Celeste McGuire, Juliet Oliver, Kurrun Sethi, Jon Truong, Sherry Wu, Alan Yang, Peter Zhao

8th Grade: Lily Berrysmith, Adrianna Brown, Vincent Camacho, Peter Sheng, Hannah Xu, Joseph Zhao


12th Grade: Jona Cruz, Maddie Litman, Max Rosenblum, Alex Wei, Chenkai Yao

11th Grade: Francesco Carriglio, Stuart Carruthers, Matthew DaCosta, Tommy Hall, Justin Vu, Owen Yu

10th Grade:  Adam Chaabane, Kevin Daliri, Arnold Fleishman, Chris Hein, Charlotte Horning, Sophie Lueken, Jason Mao, Anna Mejia-Contreras, Lily Tran

9th Grade:
Savannah Abbott, Yarib Barragan, Maddie Hale, Michael Julian, Jason Khan, Esmie Ortiz

8th Grade: Brian Zheng

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