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York Water Polo - Bi-weekly digest
Posted 10/10/2019 08:59AM

On September 30, the JV team went into overtime in their second contest against Everett Alvarez, winning 7-6. Will Hand '23 had 4 goals, with two assists. Tony Liu '21 had 2 goals and a steal. Ben Simpson '22 had one goal, and a block.  Casey Cortez '22 had an assist and 4 steals. Jacob Bancroft '22 had 9 blocks and an assist from goal. 

The varsity game got off to a slow start, neither team was able to find the net in the first quarter. Leo Del Toro '21 had 5 goals and an assist. Micheal Scholis '20 had 2 goals and an assist. Oscar Fadem '22 had 2 goals. Sophia Sanico '20 had a goal, an assist, and 2 steals. The final score was 10-5.

On October 3 York JV looked much improved in their second game versus Salinas. Jacob Bancroft anchored the team defensively in the goal with 9 blocks. Chamberlain Key '23 had 2 steals and won 2 swim offs. Tristan Pfleger '23 and Quincy Key '23 each had an assist. Eli Campbell '23, Adam Chabaane '21, Tony Liu, and Will Hand all scored. Final score 7-4.

York Varsity Water Polo lost to Salinas, 8-4. The game was defined by defense on both sides of the pool. Kevin Daliri '21 kept York in the game with 15 blocks in goal. Cynthia Ortiz '21 had 2 steals, as well as drawing 2 ejections. Leo Del Toro had 2 goals and 2 steals. Sophia Sanico had a goal, an assist, and 2 steals. Oscar Fadem also scored.

On Tuesday York JV faced off against Gilroy JV for the second time this season, and York was much improved the second time around. York was just outpaced by Gilroy with a final score of 9-8. The game was neck and neck from the time the ball dropped. Jacob Bancroft had a strong game in goal, and also had some amazing counter passes that led to goals for York. York played a great team defense in the half court. Casey Cortez had three steals in the game, and Tristan Pfleger had two steals and a block. Eli Campbell led the way on the counter attack, pushing the tempo for the team, and finding the net six times. Will Hand drew two kick outs which were converted into goals.  

York Varsity lost to Gilroy 18-0. Missing two of their central defenders York faced an uphill battle against a strong opponent. Many players were forced into new positions, to compensate for their absent teammates. Matt Galloway '20 was one of the players to step up, with a lot of strong minutes in Hole D, and vision playing the point. Zib Lindholm '22 and Ian Partlow '23 each had steals on defense. Chamberlain Key won 3 out of 4 swim offs. The team was able to create more scoring opportunities in this game than their previous contest against Gilroy, showing improvement in their movement with and with out the ball. In their next game York will strive to  capitalize on more of those opportunities.

In their second league contest with Hollister on Wednesday, York JV won 11-5. After a 3-3 first quarter, York built momentum quarter by quarter with their defense and counter attack. Casey Cortez was a force on both ends of the pool, with two steals and a block on defense, and two goals and an assist on offense. Jacob Bancroft had 9 blocks, and two steals, as well as providing a flurry of great counter passes. Ian Partlow found the net three times, Will Hand and Tristan Pfleger each scored twice, and Adam Chabaane and Quincy Key scored once.

In the varsity match up York lost 18-8, but showed a lot of improvement offensively from their first game. While York had a slow first half they were able to pick up the pace and share the ball in the second half. Sophia Sanico scored 3 times, and was able to stay involved in the game after getting into foul trouble early. Leo Del Toro scored twice as well as an assist. After scoring in the second quarter, Matt Galloway went into goal to relieve an injured teammate, getting two blocks. Chamberlain Key supplied two assists to his teammates. Quincy Key and Oscar Fadem also scored. York hopes to continue to improve for their final match up in the coming weeks. Thanks to all the York Students and Families who came out to support York Water Polo. It made for a great atmosphere, and is always fun to play with a big home crowd.

Go Falcons!

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