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A College-Prep, Independent Day
School for Grades 8-12

Graduation Requirements

Our graduation requirements help develop creative, independent thinkers. Students have guidance throughout their time at York to help them choose courses that broaden and deepen their knowledge and interests. Our program meets or exceeds the requirements of the University of California system; graduates of York are eligible for admission at the most selective colleges and universities. All students receive customized schedules based on their interests and goals.

Students must demonstrate
A.  mastery of specific academic subjects
B. completion of the Service Learning requirement
C. ensemble participation, and
D. satisfactory participation in the Health & Fitness program

Academic Requirements: (grades 9-12)

  • English, four years
  • Mathematics, three years (through Junior Year), including Algebra II
  • Modern Language, completion of 3rd year level (for students entering grades 8 or 9)
  • History, three years (World History I and II, and US History)
  • Laboratory Science, three years, including Biology, Chemistry & Physics
  • Technology Information Literacy, one year
  • Studio Art - Foundation, one year’s equivalent
  • Latin 1
  • U.C. Visual or Performing Arts (UCVPA), one credit
A minimum of five courses are required each year. Each course should be worth 10 units or the equivalent, as determined by the Academic Dean and Curriculum Committee.

Service Learning and Community Service

Service Learning
This project motivates students to learn more about specific community needs, fosters a deeper understanding of how their efforts can make a difference, and encourages students to share their discoveries with their classmates.

Students identify a social issue or community need--literacy, hunger, animal welfare, health, etc.--that they wish to address with their service and either work with an existing non-profit or create their own activity to address the issue. Students investigate the roots of the issue and report on the ways their service helps solve this problem, as well as on how they grew as individuals due to their service.

The emphasis is on what students learn by doing service, rather than just providing manpower without thought or reflection. Ideally the project also overlaps with academic courses and helps students learn life skills.

Community Service
Students in grades 9-12 are required to complete a minimum of 10 hours of community service each year. Service must be unpaid, with a public, non-profit, charitable agency. In most cases, students meet the 10 hour community service requirement through their Service Learning Project. Eighth grade students perform service for the school, but may also choose to take part in the Service Learning Program. The coordinator of Service Learning is Pam Sanford.

Ensemble Participation

Students learn a great deal about themselves through participation in extracurricular activities and benefit from the experience of committing themselves to a group endeavor. As such, we encourage students to engage in learning outside the classroom through involvement in performing arts and athletic programs. Students are required to participate in of the following:

  • choir, band or orchestra for one year
  • a role in a school play
  • a varsity level sport
Students with significant commitments to performance ensembles or athletic activities not offered by York, or who participate for at least three years in a non-league sport offered by the School may apply for a waiver of this requirement. In all cases, a decision by the Academic Dean and the Director of Music, the Director of Theatre, or the Athletic Director is required.

Health & Fitness

Improving students’ physical well being and promoting lifelong fitness is an important part our program. Each year, students have three ways to fulfill this year-long requirement:

  1. Participate in a Health & Fitness Activity
  2. Play an interscholastic team sport (Grades 9-12)
  3. Participate in an Independent Activity with approval
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