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We foster creativity and independent thinking, stimulate curiosity, cultivate inquiry, and champion novel solutions.
Life at York is active. With an inclusive and supportive community, students can jump in and get involved. From helping write the yearbook to dressing in flannel for lumberjack day to debating the benefits of ice cream for dinner, students can explore their interests and try something new.

Clubs, leadership activities, spirit days, and dances all make high school fun and exciting. The end result? Well-rounded, confident individuals with great friendships and lasting memories.

Campus Culture
Stick up for each other and stick together. Our campus culture is strong and supportive. Our students, faculty, staff, and families work together to create an inclusive and welcoming environment. This makes it easy for students to try new things, expand their thinking, and discover who they really are. We value each other as individuals and as members of a vibrant, diverse community.

Our core principles of honesty, respect, and responsibility are central to our campus culture. Students can leave their backpacks outside and know they will be there when they return. Passionate debates can happen in the classroom and competitive play on the field, but students are still kind to one another. The York campus is full of welcoming people who experience a remarkable level of trust, compassion, and appreciation. York is a place where a diversity of ideas and experience is not just what we do but who we are.

How does it feel to be surrounded by people who are excited about learning, who are interested in the world and each other, and who approach life with enthusiasm? It feels like YORK.

Shield is York’s student ambassador organization. Shield members assist the Admissions Office by representing York at school and community events both on and off campus. Shield members also act as hosts for prospective students and school visitors.

Shield membership develops character, leadership, and citizenship. Membership in Shield requires an application and committee review. Shield applicants should model excellent character, exude enthusiasm about York, enjoy meeting new people, be friendly and outgoing, and embody the York values of honesty, respect, responsibility, and compassion.
Student Government
Getting involved in student government is a great way for students to expand their leadership skills. Student government officers keep students informed about campus news and events, fundraise for student activities, coordinate dances, spirit days, and more. Student government is broken down into two groups: Executive Student Council and Class Officers.

Members of the Executive Student Council represent the entire student body. Elections are held each spring. Students in grades 10-12 can run for:
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Activities Coordinator
  • Technology Officer
  • Student Representative to the Board of Trustees

Each grade level elects a group of students to represent its class.
Elections for grades 10-12 are held each spring; elections for grades 8-9 are held each fall. Students can for:
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Activities Coordinator
Getting involved is easy at York. Joining a club is one of the best ways to meet new people, explore interests outside the classroom, serve local communities, and be a leader.

Our club line-up is varied, and driven each year by student interest. Inspired by something? Start a new club!

Current clubs include:

Art Attack
Asian Culture Club
Car Club
Charity baking Club
Chess Club
Dance Club
eSports Club
Hispanic Culture Club
Japanese Culture Club
Knitting Club
Lit Mag
Math Club
Model UN
Photography Club
Project Light
Public Engagement & Community Outreach (PECO) Club
Sea Lion Bowl

August Di Zhan '10

York played a critical role in both my admission to Berkeley and my academic career there. The intense academic requirements and preparation enabled me to adjust to college academic life without suffering any type of major turbulence or discomfort. I will graduate in three years with two majors.

York School

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We inspire and prepare a diverse community of creative, independent thinkers.
Since 1959, York School has created an exceptional college-prep experience for our youth: inspiring them to develop intellectual curiosity; challenging them to create and try new things; and preparing them to be passionate contributors in college and in life.