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At York every discipline culminates in advanced coursework, and the majority of students elect to take advanced courses toward completion of graduation requirements and electives. York’s program offers a variety of Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and York Advanced Studies (YAS) courses that promote deeper learning both within and beyond the classroom. 

We believe it is our responsibility to offer students the best educational opportunities possible as they ready themselves for college and the future of work. At York, AP and YAS courses coexist as vibrant and important indicators of academic readiness. Alumni surveys as well as college acceptances reflect the quality of these courses.
The York Advanced Studies program provides distinctive advanced courses that are equal to – if not more rigorous and engaging than – the College Board’s AP courses. These innovative courses are intentionally designed to meet the interests of York students. They have been created by York teachers, vetted by the UC course approval process, and are awarded the same GPA bump as AP courses. Moreover, they are recognized by colleges and universities nationwide, which recommend breadth, depth, and rigor in students’ high school course selections. College representatives have indicated the value in schools designing and students studying innovative courses, which can define their learning experience and transcript as unique. 

York’s AP courses are aligned with the College Board’s AP Audit expectations and prepare students for successful completion of AP exams. Taking the AP exam is required for all students enrolled in an AP course at York. Students not enrolled in an AP course, or enrolled in a York Advanced Studies course, may elect to sit the AP exam with approval from the Director of Teaching and Learning. Students wishing to take more than four Honors, AP, or YAS courses per year must seek permission of the Director of Teaching and Learning.

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Since 1959, York School has created an exceptional college-prep experience for our youth: inspiring them to develop intellectual curiosity; challenging them to create and try new things; and preparing them to be passionate contributors in college and in life.