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York’s Distinguished Scholars Program is for students who have demonstrated both a sustained commitment to one of four areas of study and a mastery of York’s Learning Outcomes. This concentration is designed to allow students the ability to shape a deep and personalized approach to their studies. Since students must go above and beyond the regular York graduation requirements to complete the program, they will be asked to be creative, take initiative, and exhibit a growth mindset. Students who successfully complete the program will be recognized at commencement ceremonies, receive a notation on their official transcripts, and have the opportunity to highlight their participation on their resume.

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    Jenny Nadaner 

    World Languages (Spanish); Distinguished Scholars Coordinator
Areas of Study

Arts: This area of study prepares students to interpret works from multiple artistic disciplines (visual, musical, dramatic) and even create their own original work. As a capstone project, students work on a creative piece, which might be a performance of a theatrical or musical piece, a written play, or an original art installation or exhibit.

Community Engagement: This area of study provides students opportunities to examine root causes of community problems or inequities and become leaders and problem solvers who envision possible solutions to these challenges. Students will work with a community partner agency to gain firsthand experience with community organizers and leaders.

Global Studies: This area of study provides students with opportunities to explore global dynamics and gain advanced global competencies. Students will complete academic coursework related to global inquiry, extra-curricular enrichment, and educational travel.

STEM: Students in this area of study develop skills necessary to excel in post-York opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and math, with a focus on how these skills can be used in constructive community engagement and problem solving. As a capstone project, students engage in original research under the guidance of a member of the professional STEM community.

All four areas of study require students to demonstrate their commitment to their chosen area and mastery of the York Learning Outcomes through completion of or participation in the following:

Related coursework
Relevant extracurricular activities
Capstone project (started in the second semester of the junior year and completed by the end of the first semester of the senior year), which, depending on the area of study, can involve either an external internship, research project, service learning project, or study abroad experience
Timeline & Process

Under the guidance of the Coordinator of the Distinguished Scholars Program, students work toward this distinction based on the following timeline:

10th Grade: Students apply for the Distinguished Scholars Program, with an area of focus, in the second semester of their sophomore year, allowing them to plan out their coursework and co-curricular activities for their junior and senior years.
11th Grade: During their junior year, students propose and begin to work on a capstone project, which has the goal of developing their knowledge of and proficiencies in their chosen area of study.
Summers: The summer months provide an opportunity for students to work on their project, engage in an internship, or travel abroad to further the experiences in their chosen area of study.
12th Grade: In their senior year, students complete their capstone project and put together a portfolio showcasing their commitment to the area of study and mastery of York’s Learning Outcomes.

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