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Scot Johnson


USN Commander Scot Johnson (Ret.) was born in Barcelona. At a very early age, he was taken by Viking pirates, and given to the Johnsons, a family of retired riders who had settled near Minneapolis. On its next trip, the pirate ship was lost at sea with all its crew, and the Johnson’s kept him with the hopes he would become a farmer. But the call of the sea could not be ignored!  After graduating from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Physics (High Distinction), young Mr. Scot left the frozen but serene plains of the Midwest for a life of duty and adventure as an officer of the US Navy. For thirty years he sailed the tempestuous Seven Seas in service of his country. The waters of Hawaii, Germany, Italy, Greece, Djibouti, Oman, Kwajalein Atoll, and Diego Garcia, Australia, Japan, Kenya, Midway Island, the Philippines, Singapore, and Sri Lanka have been theater and witnesses of his exploits. However, he has privately confided to us that the time he spent in Rota (Cádiz, Spain) will always have a special place not only on his aeronautical career but, most importantly, in his heart. Flying with his Electronic Reconnaissance Squadron, Commander Johnson kept a vigilant eye on the southern flank of the North Atlantic Alliance. (His other eye was busy watching the flanks of...*) Between missions, Commander Johnson would sometimes drive his battle-tested Ford Fiesta a few (nautical) miles east by south east, to Cape Trafalgar. From the rail of the lighthouse, he would behold the waters in which that action was fought, lamenting, sometimes even cursing, the two centuries which deprived him of the glory of being part of the greatest naval battle that -not counting Lepanto- the world has seen or will ever see.

Back to the USA, Mr. Johnson used his highly prestigious Burke Scholarship to earn an M.S. in Electrical Engineering (High Distinction) at the NPS in Monterey, taught the same subject at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis and even sailed schooners to Great Antilles. He also served as a project manager for avionic software development.

Upon retiring from the Navy, Mr. Johnson went back to Minneapolis where he worked as an information technology consultant for the private sector. After seven long winters, his crew, formed at the time by Mrs. Johnson, wife, little Kevin, son, and Serra, family dog, mutinied, traced a line on the ice, and demanded an immediate descent of the Johnson’s Armada to more humane latitudes, thus giving York School a rare, indeed unique, opportunity to enroll in its ranks a truly exceptional scholar and experienced educator. Under the York flag, Mr. Johnson has taught all levels of math and science, created Advanced Placement calculus and statistics courses, coached the JETS Engineering Club, participated on the Admissions Committee, and led the Safety Squadron Committee which performed with much distinction in the York School Evasive Action of October 14, 2013. He is also the 11th Grade Dean.
* The following words were censored by the U.S. Navy D.M.I.

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