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Dan Rubado


Dan Rubado has been a lifelong lover of literature, appreciating the unique combination of function and form in the intersection between meaningful narrative and aesthetic beauty. This passion was purely a pursuit of personal appreciation for most of his early career, which was spent in the field of advertising as a copywriter, media designer, and creative team lead in the New York City area. Eventually he could no longer resist the pull of Shakespeare, Austen, Eliot, Wilson, Atwood, and the rest, and reengaged his academic muscles to pursue a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing at Pace University, where he earned the Charles H. Dyson Award as well as the Woodward Prize for Writing Distinction.
His path then took him to the rolling cornfields of Culver, Indiana, when his wife took a position at the Culver Academies, where he joined the faculty the following year. His unique experiences led him to teach, and eventually lead, a unique curriculum in leadership education. For seven years he taught Leadership to 9th grade students, with three years as curriculum team leader. This cutting-edge leadership curriculum combined literary interpretation, psychology, sociology, philosophy, ethics, wellness, cognitive science, and social justice. He is excited to bring this experience to York students.
Besides reading, writing, and engaging in profound conversations about literature and leadership, Mr. R enjoys spending time in nature, especially camping with his wife and their adorable but vicious chihuahua. He appreciates both movies and films and enjoys gaming of both analogue and digital varieties. His hot takes include such hits as, “Tomatoes are not edible,” “They Might Be Giants are musical geniuses disserved by their reputation as novelty artists,” and, “Margaret Atwood will be the most lasting literary author of the late 20th century.”

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