We design our technology programs to foster problem solving abilities, stimulate intellectual curiosity about technology, and prepare students to be effective content creators. Our Design Shop is a teaching and learning space dedicated to hands-on, active learning, creativity, and innovation, where students access space for tinkering, making, fabricating, and building across subject areas and grade levels and in interdisciplinary STEAM experiences. The Design Shop supports robust learning opportunities that ensure York students will be future-ready for the exciting challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.
  • AP Computer Science A

    The AP® Computer Science A course introduces the key concepts of programming in Java. The analytical, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills that students develop in this course transfer to programming in other languages as well. This course is designed with the idea that programming should be fun, engaging and intuitive. Students will learn to apply the main principles of object-oriented software design and programming using classes and objects, constructors, methods, instance and static variables, inheritance, class hierarchies and polymorphism. Students work creatively and collaboratively with their classmates to discuss ethical and social issues relating to the use of technology, and develop a solid foundation from which to launch into a wide range of computer science areas. This course prepares students for the AP® Computer Science A Exam in May.
  • Code+Design

    C+D is a hands-on project-based course is designed to expose students to general computing methodology necessary for all citizens in the 21st century. Rather than focus on a particular language, students will explore multiple platforms while designing and programming computer applications, mobile applications, websites, robots, and custom built machines. Students will also work on a project throughout the year that applies technology to serve a real-world audience. C+D is a hybrid course that meets most days face-to-face in the design shop or computer lab for collaborative learning and building. Other days, the course meets online to work on digital lessons, projects, and challenges.
  • Technological Entrepreneuralism

    Technological Entrepreneurialism is a project based course for students who have successfully completed Code+Design and would like to continue their project work independently. Students are charged with incubating and launching a startup beginning with a proposal that addresses the purpose and audience for the project. Students follow the design thinking process and document their work in a website they create. The Design Shop is available for students to collaborate, prototype, test, and deliver their work.
  • Technology & Information Literacy (TIL)

    Students gain general technology and information literacy in this team-taught course, which covers applications software, computer concepts, and research skills. It is primarily a project-based survey course, in which students have the time and maneuverability to apply and hone their skill sets as they work both individually and collaboratively. The course offers a chance for students to discover new facets of their interests and talents. For example, students may discover they have a knack for animation, CAD design and 3D printing, or programming. Topics include: Digital Citizenship Fundamentals of computer hardware Research skills including evaluating information credibility, and spotting fake news Digital image editing with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator Malware basics & online security best practices Programming with Scratch, Python and micro:bits 3D Design with Tinkercad and/or Fusion 360 Video Editing with iMovie and/or WeVideo Independent projects involving academic technology


  • Photo of Kevin Brookhouser
    Kevin Brookhouser
    Director of Technology, Safety Director
  • Photo of Grace Khieu
    Grace Khieu
    Yearbook Coordinator and TEDx Event Production Manager
  • Photo of Carla McDowell
    Carla McDowell
  • Photo of Cammy Torgenrud
    Cammy Torgenrud
    Psychology, Technology Information Literacy (TIL)


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